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Truancy Free Essays

Point 3 Truancyâ is any purposeful unapproved or illicit nonattendance fromâ compulsory tutoring. In Malaysia truancy issue is a marvel among essential and optional school understudies. As indicated by Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, detailed in The News Strait Times article entitled â€Å"Study on truancy †Education Ministry† dated January, 17 2012, â€Å"A aggregate of 110,218 understudies were engaged with disciplinary issues. We will compose a custom paper test on Truancy or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now Of that figure, 72,873 were from auxiliary level and 37,345 from essential schools,† understudies were associated with disciplinary issues are rising. Announced in The News Strait Times a study led by the service, 58. 85 percent of truancy cases a year ago included understudies in rustic territories, as contrasted and 41. 15 percent in urban communities. As I would like to think, activities that ought to be forced by the Ministry of Education to tackle the issue of truancy among Malaysian school understudies are improve the scholarly methodology, law implementation specialists and compose talk or crusade. To start with, Ministry of Education ought to improve the scholarly methodology. This should be possible by expanding necessary exercises, for example, scholastic and semi-scholarly co-educational plan in schools. Service of Education can improve by changing the showing procedures, for example, gaming and reproduction, dramatization, pretending and utilization of innovation and instructional assets. Instructing with distinction strategy can pull in understudies and they won't feel exhausted on their investigation. Second, specialists ought to implement the law among the understudies who are truancy. For instance, territories of existing police forces ought to be utilized by school executives in training understudies. The organization should accept the open door to allude issue understudy to the police. In the wake of implementing this law, understudies will be alert from neutralize this thing. Next to, Ministry of Education may sort out certain discussions and crusade about the disservice of truancy. There are somewhat crusades, for example, â€Å"Zero Truancy Campaign†. With this understudies will know the impact of truancy to their investigation and furthermore their future. In my decision, government and the school organization should co-work to control the marvel. The truancy would influence the eventual fate of the adolescents and cause social issues in the general public. References: National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention http://www. promoteprevent. organization/distributions/anticipation briefs/truancy-avoidance Instructions to refer to Truancy, Papers

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Advances in hydrogen cell technology for automobiles Essay

Advances in hydrogen cell innovation for cars - Essay Example Since 2003, Honda has been working a 'Home Energy Station' on an exploratory premise in Torrance, California. This station is takes a shot at elective fuel innovation while completing all the exercises essential for the home. Here hydrogen is created from gaseous petrol and warmth and power necessities for the house are satisfied utilizing energy unit cogeneration. Indeed, even a vehicle in the house is controlled by hydrogen cell. Such endeavors have in reality demonstrated outcomes also. The Carbon Dioxide outflows from such a house are expressed to be 30 percent not exactly those for a normal family unit that utilizes a fuel and business electricity1. In the event that such endeavors can be coordinated by other eco-friendly innovations, our condition would turn out to be substantially more unadulterated and the approaching danger of disaster as an unnatural weather change will most likely subside.The measure of carbon dioxide that liquefies into the air because of our standard act ivities makes impression of carbon. Truth be told on occasion, we unwittingly will in general play out certain activities which lead to an expansion in our carbon impressions on the earth, which demonstrates impeding for our own endurance. Wasteful utilization of vitality, wasteful lodging stock, utilizing carbon discharging fills in our vehicles, uncontrolled mechanical exercises and so forth are the key components being accused for an expansion in carbon impressions. The general public appears to have gotten more astute from numerous points of view has now begun broadly talking about 'how carbon impressions can be viably decreased by receiving a vitality effective way of life. Hydrogen cell innovation, an overhaul on half and half electric engine, is a promising innovation which will give contamination free travel to us in not so distant future. Endeavors are on for such innovation for a long while now. The then US President George Bush had reported in 2003, a driven $1.7bn ventur e intend to transform US into a world head for hydrogen fueled cars (Twist, 2004). Truth be told the progressing recessionary patterns the world over have affected the car segment unfavorably and in UK there are requests from numerous quarters to give improvement to its food. This appears to have given motivation to the UK government to consider greener advances. Accordingly while reporting a 2.3 billion salvage bundle for Britain's carmakers on January 28th Lord Mandelson remarked this is being done to make ready for greener engine industry (Webster and Buckley, 2009). After the expanding worries of carbon impression, the car business has explored different avenues regarding various choices fuel innovations like electric vehicle, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and so on and these advancements have unquestionably helped in diminishing carbon from the vehicle outflows, however the hydrogen controlled vehicle creates exceptionally low or zero tail-pipe discharges (May, 2004). With governments and global bodies calling upon all worried for decreasing the carbon content, the vehicle fabricates have surely taken a note. EU for instance has proposed an objective of 5.75 percent of transport fuel utilization for bio-energizes by 2010 (May, 2004, pp305). The strategy includes extricating hydrogen from water or some other source. In a running vehicle the sun based cells give electric ebb and flow to isolating hydrogen from the put away water which is then utilized for delivering torque for running the engine. For a vehicle, the Tandem Cell innovation utilizes two photograph synergist cells in arrangement which are covered with a nano-crystalline - amazingly meager - metal oxide film. These cells catch full range of UV radiation from sun. The epic covering at that point catches the electrons and gives to conveyors as electric flow. However, Hydrogen force can likewise be created from hydrocarbons, similar to oil and gas, or coal yet all things considered the results or the waste additionally turns into a wellspring of contamination, so this strategy isn't utilized

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The Common App Get Those Words on That Page, Part I

The Common App: Get Those Words on That Page, Part I In recent posts, we provided a few strategies for brainstorming and mapping your admissions essay. In this post, we’ll cover some strategies for turning an idea into an essay.Tell a compelling story.Rather than writing an analytical essay like you would for a class assignment, focus on telling a story. Most successful Common App essays provide the reader with a â€Å"slice of life† that grabs the reader’s attention with a dynamic narrative about a lived experience. Draw upon your creative writing skills to set the scene, provide vivid descriptions, and engage your reader with concrete details. If you don’t consider yourself a strong creative writer, it’s ok! You’re not setting out to write the great American novel. You’re writing a short essay that should read like you speak. It doesn’t have to be masterfully crafted, but it should tell an interesting story.Write something! Write anything!Nothing is more intimidating than the bl ank page, so the sooner that you can get something down on paper, the closer you are to writing an essay that expresses who you are and what’s important to you. During the brainstorming phase, don’t worry about writing in full sentences or paragraphs. Jot down some phrases, draw arrows between them, or doodle if you must! Your objective is simply to populate the page with whatever inspires you to write. Even if your notes read like complete nonsense, chances are they can be refined into something exceptional. Get those words on that page!Don’t beat yourself up! These things take time.Don’t expect to sit down and start typing the actual essay on your first day. Many students get disheartened when they hear their friends bragging about how they finished all of their essays in one afternoon. In my professional opinion, those friends are either fibbing or their essays aren’t very thoughtful – maybe both! While it may be true that some people can write multiple essays in one afternoon, most of us mere mortals require multiple rounds of outlining, drafting, and revision to produce ONE strong piece of writing. Don’t let anyone get in your head, and don’t believe for an instant that your writing speed reflects (a) your writing ability; (b) the quality of your work; or (c) the caliber of your application. I promise it doesn’t mean a thing! Work steadily at your own pace, and you’ll have no problems meeting the application deadlines.Write down or record random thoughts.I’d also suggest keeping a notebook or your phone handy over the next month or two so that if an idea hits you when you’re not sitting down to write you can save it for later. Sometimes our best stories come to us when we’re brushing our teeth or walking the dog. You can also record a voice memo or video if that’s easier. Whatever you need to do to capture that moment before it disappears into the ether!Next week’s blog will focus on the writing process itself, so please stay tuned.

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The Holocaust and The Final Solution Plan Essay - 622 Words

The Holocaust, it’s such a horrific topic. Why do we study this? The answer I will give at the end of this essay, although, there are many ways people look at the holocaust, different opinions that people have, different understandings. This is my understanding. Holocaust. (The Greek word meaning Whole (Holo), and burnt (Caust). The name although sad, is quite an appropriate name for this event in history, because the Jewish people’s spirt, was almost entirely â€Å"Burnt†. Hitler’s rise to power began in the year of 1919, the NAZI party was started during post World War 1, and Hitler became the leader of Germany, with the help of his â€Å"High Charisma†. Being able to spread his racist ideals with ease. His hatred was directed for the most†¦show more content†¦Throughout the duration of the war Allied forces would capture German troops, thus making them P.O.W’s. (Prisoners of War) Germany had two types of internment camps, one type treated Jews more fairly, giving them substantial amount of food, and labor that didn’t involve â€Å"Digging your own grave† While the other one was just the opposite. They would take prisoners from the more fairly treated camps and trade them for Germ an P.O.W’s. Hitler’s reasons for doing so is that he was afraid that if the world knew of what despicable crimes that Hitler was committing that the world would have a major revolt towards Germany. Hitler’s plan worked well, gaining back able bodied soldiers, while keeping his crimes hidden, under a thick veil of deceive. Although hard to admit, Hitler was a prodigy. Anne Frank is the most well known member of the â€Å"Secret Annex† The reason being she has given the most descriptive and vivid feel of what it’s like hiding from Germany’s rule during the Holocaust, through her diary, that was published by Otto Frank, (Anne’s father, also the only survivor of the Secret Annex.) Otto read Anne’s diary and figured that the world needs to know about what was written in her diary. In later times when the diary had become more well known, the school that Anne Frank attended before the Holocaust, was renamed, â€Å"Anne Frank middle school.† The members of the Secret Annex were the Van Danns, Peter, Mr., and Mr.’s, Mr. Dussel, and theShow MoreRelatedHeinrich Himmlers Role In Nazi Germany And The Holocaust1258 Words   |  6 PagesGermany and the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler should be the first person that comes to mind. Heinrich Himmler was one of the leading members of the German National Socialist par ty, or widely known as the German Nazis. Himmler was the leader of many operations during his time in Nazi Germany, with the Final Solution during the Holocaust being his most well known. Three reasons why people should learn about Heinrich Himmler when talking about the Holocaust is his role in the Final Solution, the SS (eliteRead MoreThe Holocaust: Why the Jews?712 Words   |  3 PagesThe holocaust was a traumatic event that took millions of lives. Hitler led the holocaust in an attempt to single out the Jewish race for genocide. He thought they were unclean. My history teacher said, at first he didn’t want to kill them but send them elsewhere. He wanted to ship all the Jews off to Madagascar (â€Å"Sanders†). Hitler strongly believed that Jews would be the downfall of the Germans. Hitler hated the Jews and blamed them for the loss of WWI. He called the plan to exterminate the JewsRead MoreGenocide from the Jews in the Holocaust to the Mayans in Guatemala848 Word s   |  4 PagesCalifornia, proves how effortlessly fascism can corrupt people. This experiment begins with a student’s question about the Holocaust which Jones cannot answer. The Holocaust was a horrific event that occurred from 1933 to 1945. This atrocity was initiated by Adolf Hitler, who tortured and murdered over eleven million Jewish people in extermination camps. Today, the Holocaust is considered â€Å"genocide,† a word that was first coined in 1944 by a lawyer by the name of Raphael Lemkin. Genocide is â€Å"theRead MoreHow The Holocaust Was A Long Term Plan1461 Words   |  6 PagesAssess the View That the Holocaust Was Mainly the Result of a Long Term Plan by Hitler to Eliminate the Jews Of the four historians, it is Kershaw, Goldhagen, and Peukert who propose the idea that the holocaust was a long-term plan and Berghahn who argues that it was a reaction to the circumstances brought about by expansion during world war two. All of the historians agree to a certain degree that the extermination of the Jewish people from Germany was a long term idea of Hitler’s, but it is atRead MoreThe Final Solution For World War II1668 Words   |  7 PagesHundreds of thousands of Jews had already been murdered during World War II when The Final Solution made its appearance. When Hitler and his party, the Nazis, were elected in 1932, (The History Place) Hitler’s ambitions seemed far-fetched. In 1941, two years after World War II had begun; Adolf Hitler’s plan to erase the Jewish population was already underway and fully operating right under everyone’s nose. In Germany, Austria, Poland, and Belgium, thousands of people were being killed monthly, butRead M oreEssay about Evidence for the Holocaust844 Words   |  4 PagesEvidence for the Holocaust The reason for the development of the final solution is under much historical debate. There is the structuralists who believe it was a result of wartime problems, that it was a improvised response to the problems. However there is the intentionalists who believe Hitler planned the holocaust due to his pathological hatred of the Jews. Now in this essay I am going to present the evidence for both schools of thought. There is substantialRead MoreThe Nazi Party1100 Words   |  5 Pagesleaders. The meeting took place in a wealthy area in Berlin on a lake that was named Wannsee. The â€Å"final solution to the jewish question† was the focus of the meeting. The term â€Å"final solution† was the phrase used by the Nazi’s for their plan for the extermination of all European Jews. This meeting was the first time that the government leaders not involved with the Nazi party were introduced to the plan for the Jews that the Nazi’s had carefully developed. The meeting was formally known as the WannseeRead MoreOrdinary Men Essay935 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher R. Browning’s â€Å"Ordinary Men† chronicles the rise and fall of the Reserve Police Battalion 101. The battalion was one of several units that took part in the Final Solution to the Jewish Question while in Poland. The men of Reserve Police Battalion 101, and other units were comprised of ordinary men, from ordinary backgrounds living under the Third Reich. Browning’s premise for the book is very unique, instead of focusing on number of victims, it examines the mindset of how ordinary menRead MoreAtrocities of the Holocaust Essay1507 Words   |  7 Pageshumanity in history, the Jewish Holocaust is one of the most prominent. From 1933 to 1945, the Nazis waged a vicious war against Jews and other lesser races. This war came to a head with the Final Solution in 1938. One of the most horrific results of the Final Solution were the scores of concentration and death camps spread across Nazi Germany, Poland, and other parts of Nazi-controlled Europe. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, people around the world were shocked by final tallies of human losses,Read MoreThe Wannsee Conference Essay1117 Words   |  5 Pageshad a business meeting, a conference? Could you imagine a meeting to draw an outline to exterminate a population, 11 million Jews? The Wannsee Conference was a â€Å"meeting† to discuss how they would kill all the Jews. The Wannsee Conference put the Final Solution in motion; the World had lost their opportunity to save 6 million Jews and others. The Beginning Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, after World War 1 when tensions were high because the Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the destruction

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Personal Statement Personal Fitness - 2145 Words

Personal fitness is the better way to achieve a healthier life. There is nothing else that will make you feel the way than exercising can. Many scientist and doctors have done studies to see what exactly happens to your body when you perform a regular moderate workout. The results where astounding, and has many people changing their lives for the better when they found out what really goes on during that work out. So personal fitness can greatly improves ones physical, mental and quality of life all by a simple regular work out. When someone wants to work out they usually do it for the physical benefits. What people don’t know and really should know, is that personal fitness can greatly improve your mental state. It can help your brain function in multiple ways that people never knew could be related to physical activity. Stress isn’t something you would go exercising for but it can truly help with it. Doctor Sophia Breene found that â€Å"One of the most common mental benefits of exercise is stress relief† (Sophia Breene). This means that people need to know that when they exercise they can gain so much more than just muscles, it can make their lives much easier on themselves just by helping there brain and mental state with a little exercise. If people can work off their stress they will be able to accomplish more in their work day then people that don’t due to an over load of stress. Therefor if personal fitness can benefit your brain with stress then it can also help you bySh ow MoreRelatedPersonal Statement Of A Fitness App1511 Words   |  7 PagesAs of 2014 almost one third of all smartphone users in the U.S. used a fitness app in the past year and I am one of them (â€Å"Hacking Health†). Last year, I was gifted a Fitbit for Christmas from my father and I began to use it every day along with a calorie counting app called MyFitnessPal. My main goal was to lose weight, and I did. The combination between MyFitnessPal and Fitbit was perfect. I could log my activity with one and what I ate with the other. At my lowest, I had lost close to fifteenRead MorePersonal Statement For A Fitness Trainer987 Words   |  4 Pagesbe a fitness trainer. I strive to motivate and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. Although a degree is not required to complete this goal, I feel that a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness from Kaplan will give me a better understanding of the human body and broaden my career path. I will gain knowledge from Kaplan to exceed in the fitness world. Fitness trainers help individual’s reach fitness and nutrition goals by motivating and inspiring individuals or groups. Fitness trainersRead MorePersonal Statement On Health And Fitness1639 Words   |  7 PagesHealth and fitness has always been a big part of my life even without knowing it, but the transition changed from sport and athletics to the gym and trying to achieve what I thought was expected of me socially. After a year of lagging progress and nearly giving up I decided to give it one more shot I just needed to go after it a different way. I needed to educate myself on the process I was going to undergo to achieve my goals. So I turned to the internet, more specifically Youtube, it became myRead MorePersonal Statement : 24 Hour Fitness2136 Words   |  9 Pages24 Hour Fitness Mission Statement 24 Hour Fitness recognizes that every individual has different fitness goals and their own unique views of what fitness means to them. Therefore, for over 30 years, they have maintained one simple mission and that is to â€Å"help improve people’s lives through fitness.† CEO Information/ How It Got Started While attending California State University in Hayward, to earn a degree in business administration, Mark Mastrov, founder of 24 Hour Fitness developed anRead MorePersonal Statement On Taking Fitness Wellness1147 Words   |  5 Pagesschool year semester. I was not at all fond about taking Fitness Wellness. I was honestly dreading the fact of working out. However, I knew I needed to take it and be a trooper about it. After all I could not really debate about it or complain about it. The Reason being it was a requirement set for me. Even though I was not excited about taking this program. I still decided to set up some personal goals, before starting the course. One personal goal of mine was to lose the extra body fat I had gainedRead MoreMy Personal Statement For My Fitness1526 Words   |  7 Pages For online P.E. this year, my primary goals were to increase my overall fitness. I do not find the time to exercise frequently during the school year, so I wanted to develop a routine t hat was doable, enjoyable, and beneficial for my overall health. I set two goals: to increase the number of push-ups and sit-ups I can do in one set, and also to build up cardiorespiratory endurance (by training myself to run 5 miles in a single hour). As such, I chose exercises and activities that would help me achieveRead MoreMy Personal Statement For My Fitness1852 Words   |  8 PagesFor online P.E. this year, my primary goal was to increase my overall fitness. During the past school year, I did not often find the time to exercise, so I wanted to develop a routine that was doable, enjoyable, and beneficial for my health. I set two overarching goals: to increase the number of push-ups and sit-ups I can do in one set, and also to build up cardiorespiratory endurance (by training myself to run 5 miles in a single hour). As such, I chose exercises and activities that would help meRead MoreEssay on Bus 475 Week 2 Individual1692 Words   |  7 PagesBody Fitness Body Fitness is a new state of the art fitness facility coming to the valley that will offer the finest workout equipment, intense one-on-one personal training, proper supplemental nutrition plans, and strategic planning for a patient’s course of action to get in shape. Each fitness facility will offer the essential wide range of work out equipment and will be staffed to accommodate clients from high school age to retirement. Clients will consist of the average high school studentRead MoreEssay Personal Trainer1261 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal Trainer Personal trainers are responsible for training individuals and developing a healthy workout regimen for all their clients. They often work with different muscle groups and combine this knowledge with cardiovascular training to provide their clients with the best exercise program possible. They may demonstrate various exercises and improve their clients technique. They work either in a clients home or a gym. Personal trainers conduct fitness consultations and assessments.Read MoreHow Effective Marketing, Financial and Human Resource Management Activities Could Be Expected to Contribute to Fitness Firsts Success.1496 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will be examining how Fitness First uses marketing, finance and human resource management to continually be an effective and sustainable sports organisation. Fitness First is the largest gym, health and fitness group in the world with more than 1.5 million members and over 550 fitness clubs. (, 2009) The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as â€Å"†¦the management process which identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently

Commerce Involve The Use Of Social Media †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Commerce Involve The Use Of Social Media? Answer: Introduction Social Electronic Commerce is a branch under the electronic commercial form of business, where the shopping is done on the online media and websites. As the very name suggests, the social Electronic Commerce involve the use of social media, which is used as a form to communicate in the forms of the e-commerce transactions. The concept of social E-Commerce was developed in 2005 by Yahoo where, online shopping was introduced. It was done on the basis of the rating that is generated by the users. The main purpose of the introduction of this concept is to raise the popularity of a brand and its product by sharing the review and opinion provided by the users (Hays et al., 2013). As the use of social media is believed to be one of the popular forms of spreading information, it has been used as a tool of marketing by many business organizations as a tool of management and reaching out to the target groups of customers. One of the major advantages of use of social e-commerce is due to the fact that it can help a company to engage with their customers according to the social behavior and buying trends. From the point of view of the customer, this is advantage due to the fact that it can offer various forms of discounts and bonus points due to the fact that they are taking part in raising the popularity of the brand by involving themselves in online promotional activities. The customers are also been affected due to the fact that they are getting a good platform for discussing about the matters related to Feature and quality provided within a product. Hence, there by, they are able to get detailed information about the quality of a product and also understand its value by taking the opinion of other users. According to Nakara et al., (2012), the shopping that is done through websites and e-commerce platform are mainly done on the basis of recommendation that are provided by the users of the social media. As the users provide good reviews and opinions about a particular brand, their popularity in the online websites are improved significantly. Online social users also get attracted to the particular brand as they get to know about the good reputation. It is important to mention that the scaling of the social e-commerce is involved in all forms of operational aspects. This is possible due to the fact that the evolution of social media platforms and ecommerce have occurred simultaneously. The progress of most social media platforms and e-commerce and also helped each other in promotional activities. Process of continuous development is involved in this case due to the fact that all the new features of a product are described in the social media platforms, which is meant for reaching out t o the target group of customers. The rise of popularity of e-commerce and social media platforms, the restaurant business are also taking its advantage to raise their popularity. The E-Commerce form of business is believed to be one of the effective tools that help to connect restaurant with the target group of customers. Due to the effective technological infrastructure in Australia, the use of the social media is popular due to the fact that, it is easily possible for all people to connect with the digital world. Almost all the popular restaurants in all over Australia use the tool of social media as an important part of the promotional activities. This is one of the effective tools that are used by the Australian restaurants to connect with all the food lovers in the society. It is also important to mention in the contact that the use of social media in the form of social e-commerce comes with some negative impact. This is mainly due to the fact that social media platforms can be used by anyone to misuse and spread fake information about business organization thereby compromising its reputation within the society. It is thereby essential for all business organizations or restaurants to ensure that the misuse of the social media in the form of e-commerce business is being prevented. Project Objective The purpose of this project is to discuss about the advantages and negative aspects of use of social media platforms e commerce business of the Australian restaurant. With the growing popularity of the social media platform, Australian restaurants are using the same as a tool to improve upon their marketing campaigns. This current project will use the existing literature related to the application of social media as a tool of improving the popularity of e-commerce business. It will critically analyze all the aspects of the social media that are used in the modern forms of business. With the help of the analysis that will be done in the literature review, it will be possible to deal understand the overall impact of social media in the e-commerce forms of business. The analysis that is done in the current project is of more importance due to the fact that it can help to suggest ways to improve the social media marketing strategies that are implemented by the Australian restaurants. Th e misuse of the social media as a source of spreading the false or fake information can also be prevented. The overall objectives of the project can be noted down as follows: To explore the opportunities that Australian restaurants can take due to the implication of the social electronic commerce To explore the disadvantages that Australian restaurants have to face due to the implication of social electronic commerce To suggest ways that can be implemented by the Australian restaurants to improve upon the existing social media strategies and also ensure that it is not mis-utilised. Project Scope The social media marketing is one of the popular forms of promotional campaigns that are used by all the restaurants across Australia. With the rise in popularity of the digital marketing, the use of the platforms of social media is also increasing due to the fact that the companies are able to connect to large groups of people. This brings about of plenty of scope and opportunities for the companies to able to expand in new domains. Many new restaurants are also initiating their business exclusively through the help of the digital platforms. The online forums in the social media are allowing the scope for the audience to discuss about the taste and quality of food that are sold in each of the restaurants.There are also new forms of recipes and new food that are being introduced by the restaurants. In the given context, the scope of the current report is to explore the opportunities of the application of the social media that in the ecommerce forms of business in the Australian restaurant industry. The scope of the project also includes discussion about the advantages that have been gained by the Australian restaurants with the application of the social media in the e-commerce forms of business. The project scope also includes detailed discussions about the matters related to the negative aspects and issues encountered due to the application of the social media platforms in the restaurantsbusiness. For conducting the literature review, all the relevant peer-reviewed journal articles will be chosen that were published on and after the year 2010. Description of the terms related to social Electronic Commerce As mentioned byMinazzi (2015), the type of electronic Commerce that uses social media to promote the process of online transactions and be defined as social e-commerce. All forms of social media tools used for this purpose in order to improve the experience of online shopping with the help of online forum and communities. This concept of social Electronic Commerce has been introduced to encourage the users to do their shopping with the help of online platforms. The concepts related to the social shopping are also enhanced with the help of the social e-commerce. On the other hand,Dong-Hun (2010), has mentioned that the use of social commerce is quite different from that of social shopping. Social commerce mainly involved collaboration of online vendor and the concept of social shopping is meant to describe the virtual online groups that are formed by online Shoppers. Nevertheless, it can be said that with the rise of digital technology in the 21st century, the online shopping E-Commerce business flourished in all parts of the society. It is essential in this context for all forms of business to have special policy is related to social media marketing, which encourages all forms of social shopping and social e-commerce. The social commerce is mainly defined as a small subsection of the e-commerce, where business communication is mainly made with the help of social media platforms. The proper definition of social Electronic Commerce consists of the properties of social media marketing, which includes word of mouth and all types of buying advice that can be obtained by the user, before they make decision of buying certain products. It is relevant to mention in a context that all the ideas of social commerce involve the concept of community interaction and participation that is believed to be the socio-economic impact on e-commerce business (Kim et al., 2915). It is important for all business organization to clearly understand the proper meaning and definition of social Electronic Commerce, along with its impact in order to understand its relevance and importance in the context of the modern days. As mentioned in the research paper ofHuang and Benyoucef (2013), with the rise in popularity all forms of social media platforms including Face book and Twitter, it has provided opportunities for new types of Business models on marketing strategies that can be implemented by all scale of business management. The use of 2.0 of the social media technology is used in the context of the social media. The social media platforms also provided opportunities for all categories of entrepreneurs to easily communicate with the consumer market and profile details about their business product or service. The use of social media in food and Restaurant marketing in Australia According to the survey done byLiang and Turban (2011), in their research work, it has been found that 54% of younger generation population has the tendency of taking picture of their food while eating in a restaurant. Most of them have the tendency to post those pictures along with their reviews in various social media platforms. It is important to mention in this context that different types of foods are an important part of the Australian culture. Popularity of social media in the current days among the population of Australiais helping in the promotional activities of all types of restaurants. Liang et al.,(2011), have mentioned the term about social capital, which is one of the important components of the social media marketing or the social e-commerce practice. The Social capital is a network that is formed between people who are active users of the social media. Nice people are sharing pictures and reviews of the quality of food they are eating in the restaurant, it is helping other people in the social media platforms to get aware about the quality of food that is being obtained from the restaurants. With the help of the positive reviews of a published in online social media platforms, it is possible to attract all food lovers by developing a sense of interest in them about the delicious taste of a food. The social media can also be used as a tool of word of mouth value, which is believed to be one of the effective techniques to market the value of the restaurant. It is also possible for the food critic and bloggers to provide their opinions about the quality and the taste of any particular food in a restaurant, which can be used as a popular tool of marketing. The social media can also be a platform, where popular personalities and celebrities can express upon their opinion. This is one of the effective tools that can be used by restaurants to improve upon their reputation and attract the public. The messages that are being sent by the popular personalities through social media platforms can help to form a level of trust among the food lovers about the quality and taste of food (Hughes Beukes, 2012). All the major restaurants in Australia have their dedicated page in every social media platforms, which can be used by the restaurant visitors to provide their opinions and reviews about the kind of quality or taste of food. It can also help the restaurant to improve upon the quality of the service and bring about necessary changes from the opinions that are being provided by the visitors. From the findings ofLi et al., (2013), it is evident that at an interval of 28 seconds an Australian restaurant are being tagged on Integra, which is also one of the popularly used social media applications for the food lovers. This post on the social media platforms are able to drive up to 87% of the sales of all types of restaurants in the social media. Another finding in the research paper ofLu et al., (2010), suggest that Australian bars and restaurants, which are active in the social media platforms have 20% more sales compared to those, who are not active in the same. It is also believed about the fact that Australian restaurants, which are not using social media platforms like Instagram, are currently declining 10% of their sales that could have been increased with the strategies of social media marketing. The survey done among the Australian food lovers have given the result that 71% of the consumers uses the information and feedbacks from the social media platforms to decide upon the restaurant that they want to chose as the destination of hangouts with friends and families (Afrasiabi Rad Benyoucef, 2011). It can be also said that in the current scenario less than half of the brands under the hospitality industry in Australia are actively using the social media as a part of their business promotional strategies. Hence, it is evident from the fact that the opportunities that are involved with the use of social media and not yet been explored by most of the restaurants in Australia. With the help of the use of the social media in the e-commerce forms of business, it is possible for the restaurants to form a meaningful and healthy relationship with the consumers. Kim et al.,(2013), have mentioned about the fact that the employees of a restaurant can also act as a major influence of the social electronic commerce business. The information that is shared by the employees of the restaurant plays a significant part in the development of the business and thereby able to attract the gu Effects of Social media in improving the brand value of Australian Restaurants According toYadav et al., (2013), the adaptation of social media in the restaurant business of Australian industry is primarily aimed to improve the communication of the business with the consumers. The marketing strategy getting pregnant with the help of social media platforms helps to create a positive emotional impact on the minds of the customers. With the help of the available resources, it is applicable to create positive implications that are achieved through the help of most advanced forms of marketing strategies. According to the opinion that are provided by the market investors and strategy makers, the investment in the social media marketing by the restaurant can help to improve help to reduce the overall expenditure that are spend by the restaurants in the forms of traditional marketing activities. This can be viewed as a major decisions as the ways to improve upon the business communication strategy. In many cases it has been seen that the competitive advantage that are gained by the restaurant depends upon the policies that the implement in social media marketing. With the popularity of the food based social media applications like Zomato, it is possible for all Restaurants in Australia to provide details about the food in their menu and the pricing along with other detail information for public domain. These types of mobile applications are specially designed to provide Information and reviews about different types of restaurant as a form of social media platform. The designer of application uses separate software to ensure that users can get the restaurant of their choice according to the cuisines and the ratings that are provided by the users. With further development, these food based applications can also help the users to get the exact location of a restaurant. This can be possible with the integration of the GPS that are found in all types of smart phones. According toChiemeke and Evwiekpaefe (2011), with the use of the social media in the business of restaurant, it can provide them with the opportunity of recovering of any reputational damage that is caused due to poor food and service quality. Framework of social commerce research Application of social media marketing involves several levels of complexities and innovation.He et al., (2013), have suggested about the research framework that can be implied in practice to make use of effective social media marketing strategies. There are 6 elements that are used as a part of the research framework of social media marketing policies. The primary elements include social networking media, which is possible due to the fact that large number of people in the Australian population is able to connect with each other with the help of social media. This makes it possible for the restaurant owners of Australia take the advantage of social networking and use its attribute in social commerce. The different types of websites like food blogger and social media network are mainly used in this context. It is important for the restaurants to ensure that the messages that are being sent through the social media website do have some commercial intentions, which can help in the development of a restaurant business. The commercial activities that are carried out with the help of social media can help to improve upon the market popularity of a restaurant. It is also possible to deal with the activities related to the promotional strategies that can help in the purpose of dealing with the restaurant business. Customer relationship management is one of the major commercial activities that can be achieved with the help of social media. It is also possible to enhance the process of recruitment in various hospitality industries with the help of social media platforms. The restaurant can communicate with the interested candidates, who are looking forward for a job in the hospitality sector. The marketing that is done with the help of the social media is done by highlighting upon the central is sues or themes that are related to the marketing research activities. It is also important to use effective research method for the deployment of the social media marketing strategies. It is relevant to mention in the context that there are certain strengths and limitation of individual marketing research methods that are being employed. Hence, it is essential for the marketing experts to evaluate the research methods depending upon the intention of marketing actives (Sigala et al., 2012). Research theories that are relevant to the social media marketing are implied by the restaurants to deal with the overall activities involved in the business. There are certain motivational theories that are used as part of social commerce for the restaurant business. Finally, in the steps of outcomes, it is possible to decide upon the consequence of the social media marketing and its impact over the hospitality industry. Social issues associated with the use of E-commerce With rise in popularity of the social media networks that has ultimately lead to social media marketing, there are certain social issues that are encountered by most of the business organizations. The major limitation of social media marketing that are used by the restaurant of Australia is that it is not possible to reach out or communicate to the part of the population, which are not habituated with the use of the digital gadgets. As mentioned byLee and Lee (2012), the security and privacy issues are one of the major limitations that are associated with the use of social commerce and social media marketing. It is relevant to mention in the context that with the social media platforms there are chances of spreading false and fake information it is possible to harm the reputation and brand image of an organization. The security concerns is one of the major factors in this context due to the fact that according to the research done byNakara et al., (2012), it was found that 55% of the social media users are not comfortable in the fear of misuse of the personal information that are used in the social media platforms. The images of food and the restaurants that are used to attract the guests can often be misleading. The messages that are sprayed with the help of social media marketing of Australian restaurant, develops consumer impulsive behavior. This can lead to irrational by tendency of the customers, thereby forcing them to buy poor and unhygienic food from the restaurants. One of the major issues that are associated with the use of social media is due to the fact that it is not possible for the restaurant to directly communicate with the target groups. There is a huge chance that the message that is being delivered through social commerce may reach out to unwanted audience, which can ultimately result in the loss of the social media resources (Dong-Hun, 2010). The challenges related to network issues can also hamper upon the rates of the social media marketing process. Due to the fact that in many remote areas of Australia it is not possible for the people to use the digital gadgets, social media marketing may not be the most effective forms of promotional activities. The content are Used in the social media marketing strategies of restaurants has to be effective and impact. Hence, it is important for all restaurants to use effective content which can be a major challenge in many occasions. Not having the ability to produce effective content that can be published in the social media can increase the chance of losing competitive advantages. Gaps in the Existing literature The existing literature of Have explained in details about the opportunities and advantages of use of social commerce in Australian restaurant business. Few of the challenges and drawbacks of the social commerce are also mentioned. Nevertheless, the major gap in the existing literature is due to the fact that it has not described about the intervention measures that can be adopted by the Australian restaurant industry in order to prevent the misuse and problems associated with social Electronic Commerce. The major challenges and its impact are also not described in details. The review section has also omitted detailed analysis of the infrastructure that is needed to implement social media marketing strategies in practice. Conclusion In the concluding note, it can be said that the application of social media and social media marketing has helped to expand the restaurant industry of Australia. With the growing popularity of social media, it is believed to be one of the effective tools that can be used as a tool of business to customer communication. This can be helped to deal with most of the challenges that are associated with the poor forms of reputation in the restaurant business It is essential for the future researchers to focus upon the intervention techniques, which is necessary to deal with the challenges that exist due to the usage of the social commerce in the forms of e-commerce business. This can help to improve upon the brand values and market reputation of the restaurants. From the literature review, it is clear that the restaurants, which are using the social media, have a clear competitive advantage. Reference Asiabi Rad, A., Benyoucef, M. (2011).A model for understanding social commerce.Journal of Information Systems Applied Research, 4(2), 63. Chiemeke, S. C., Evwiekpaefe, A. E. (2011). A conceptual framework of a modified unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) Model with Nigerian factors in E-commerce adoption. Educational Research, 2(12), 1719-1726. Dong-Hun, L. (2010). Korean consumer society: growing popularity of social media and business strategy. SERI Quarterly, 3(4), 112. Hays, S., Page, S. J., Buhalis, D. (2013). Social media as a destination marketing tool: its use by national tourism organisations. Current issues in Tourism, 16(3), 211-239. He, W., Zha, S., Li, L. (2013). Social media competitive analysis and text mining: A case study in the pizza industry. International Journal of Information Management, 33(3), 464-472. Huang, Z., Benyoucef, M. (2013). From e-commerce to social commerce: A close look at design features. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 12(4), 246-259. Hughes, S., Beukes, C. (2012). Growth and implications of social e-commerce and group buying daily deal sites: The case of Groupon and LivingSocial. The International Business Economics Research Journal (Online), 11(8), 921. Kim, S. B., Sun, K. A., Kim, D. Y. (2013). The influence of consumer value-based factors on attitude-behavioral intention in social commerce: The differences between high-and low-technology experience groups. Journal of Travel Tourism Marketing, 30(1-2), 108-125. Kim, S., Koh, Y., Cha, J., Lee, S. (2015). Effects of social media on firm value for US restaurant companies. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 49, 40-46. Lee, I., Lee, K. (2012).Social shopping promotions from a social merchant's perspective.Business Horizons, 55(5), 441-451. Li, Y. M., Wu, C. T., Lai, C. Y. (2013). A social recommender mechanism for e-commerce: Combining similarity, trust, and relationship. Decision Support Systems, 55(3), 740-752. Liang, T. P., Turban, E. (2011). Introduction to the special issue social commerce: a research framework for social commerce. International Journal of electronic commerce, 16(2), 5-14. Liang, T. P., Ho, Y. T., Li, Y. W., Turban, E. (2011). What drives social commerce: The role of social support and relationship quality.International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 16(2), 69-90. Lu, Y., Zhao, L., Wang, B. (2010). From virtual community members to C2C e-commerce buyers: Trust in virtual communities and its effect on consumers purchase intention. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 9(4), 346-360. Minazzi, R. (2015). Social media marketing in tourism and hospitality. Heidelberg: Springer. Nakara, W. A., Benmoussa, F. Z., Jaouen, A. (2012). Entrepreneurship and social media marketing: evidence from French small business. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 16(4), 386-405. Sigala, M., Christou, E., Gretzel, U. (Eds.). (2012). Social media in travel, tourism and hospitality: Theory, practice and cases. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Yadav, M. S., De Valck, K., Hennig-Thurau, T., Hoffman, D. L., Spann, M. (2013). Social commerce: a contingency framework for assessing marketing potential. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 27(4), 311-323.

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Value of Technical Publications in Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) free essay sample

[pic] Position Paper on Value of Technical Publications in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Besides transferring knowledge, technical publications are also used for marketing a product. Before a product is released in the market, information about the product needs to be effectively communicated to the customers. Well-designed, accurately presented, and attractive marketing collaterals increase the market prospects of a product and reduce support costs. ERP software in India was originally treated as support software and used for back office functions. As companies began to understand the diverse applications of ERP, it was shifted from maintenance of back office functions to the whole of the company. [pic]  ¦ Business Proposals  ¦ Legal Disclaimers  ¦ Policy Manuals  ¦ Style Guide Design  ¦ Template Design TWB is a leading technical communication outsourcing company that provides services in technical documentation. TWB is the ideal choice for leading vendors of ERP solutions. TWB helps customers with all their technical documentation needs such as user guides, administration guides, installation manuals, process and workflow documentation, configuration documents and training materials. We will write a custom essay sample on Value of Technical Publications in Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page TWB works closely with client teams located globally, and assists them in meeting their worldwide product announcements and launch deadlines. TWB’s documentation services enable customers launch their products with world-class documentation. An enterprise system is implemented to develop a business or make it more effective. This is a large investment, and with competition increases and lower profit margins, keeping implementation costs low is important. Up to 80% of the total cost for an ERP system is connected to maintenance activities. A major factor that affects the maintenance of the system, positively or negatively, is the quality of documentation. If the documentation is not satisfying, it needs to be restructured, which leads to a sizeable increase in maintenance effort and total costs. TWB provides documentation with professional quality. Further, ERP systems are standardized systems, which often need modifications to suit the requirements of a specific organization. It is essential for the documentation to be updated accurately and effectively, to reflect the changes made after customization. Economic Business Research  ¦ Industry Analysis  ¦ Market Opportunity Analysis  ¦ Competitive Business Analysis  ¦ Company Prospect Profiling  ¦ Reporting Solutions  ¦ Assessment of Unmet Market Needs  ¦ Status and Potential of Technologies  ¦ Benchmarking of Strategies Vs Competition  ¦ Forecasting  ¦ Sales Force Effectiveness  ¦ Market Assessments  ¦ Competitive Intelligence  ¦ Opinion Leade rship  ¦ Emerging Markets evaluation and research TWB – Leading Technical Documentation Outsourcing Company Attractive Publications as Useful Marketing Tools Document Management Solutions  ¦ Record Management Storage and Retrieval  ¦ Records Management  ¦ Software Translation Services  ¦ Document Translation Services  ¦ Localization (L10N) Testing  ¦ Internationalization (I18N) Testing Translation and Localization Services In technical publications, audience is the focal point. Hence, the style, language, and content must vary depending on the type of audience being addressed. It is because every user has a specific role in the implementation and usage of the technology. Therefore, it is important that documents be created keeping in mind the role of the person who will use the document. For example, when you document a software application designed for highly technical users, it is sufficient to provide the users with quick reference information to use the application. For users who start without technical or product knowledge, it is important to provide detailed product information along with instructions on how to use the product. Deployment and Support The first marked increase in the ERP market was in 2004. The 14% increase made ERP a USD 23. 6 billion business. â€Å"The Indian ERP market experienced CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 25. 2 during the period of 2004 – 2009. The market was $83 million in 2004 and is projected to be over $250 million in 2009, according to a research report. † Growth and Penetration of ERP in India Challenges and Solutions Qualitative Analytics for Decision Support This paper presents the value and need for qualitative Technical Publications in companies providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Technical publications include a wide variety of material such as Process and Workflow Documentation, User Guides, Online Help, White Papers, Classroom Training Materials, Reference Guides, Administration Guides, Standard Operating Procedures, Installation Manuals, Web-based Training Materials, and Product Demos. ERP implementation in an organization results in extensive changes in staff and work practices. These changes necessitate documentation of the updated processes and workflows, along with the creation of user manuals for the software and its modules, training material for employees, and product-specific configuration documents. Industry analysts predict that every major manufacturing company will purchase and implement the software, with leaders redirecting 50% to 75% of their RD budgets to e-commerce. Further, the rapid growth and evolution of ERP has led to the development of ERP II, which is intended to help businesses gain a competitive edge. However, despite the rapidly increasing popularity of ERP solutions, the complexity of the implementation of the software makes quality documentation important to both the vendors of ERP solutions and those organizations that purchase them. The documentation needs to be simple and comprehensible to end users, which necessitates the involvement of Technical Documentation Specialists in the creation of these documents. In this paper we will discuss the importance of technical publications to ERP, to facilitate the growth, implementation and evolution of ERP solutions. â€Å"TWB believes that the technology cannot exist without being communicated effectively. †  ¦ Workflows  ¦ Standard Operating Procedures  ¦ ISO Documentation  ¦ CMM Documentation  ¦ Installation and Configuration Guides  ¦ Operations Manual  ¦ Process Documentation  ¦ Web 2. 0 development  ¦ Web content  ¦ Web applications Web site Development  ¦ Graphic Designing  ¦ Info graphics  ¦ 2D 3D animation  ¦ Line drawings and illustrations Illustrations  ¦ Single Sourcing  ¦ File Version Control  ¦ Document Naming Conventions  ¦ Consistent Document Formatting  ¦ Data Transformation Content Management TWB is India’s leader in technical communication outsourcing and education. TWB offers a complete suite of services that allows our customers to effectively publish their technical knowledge with their people and processes. TWB’s customers range from Global 500 – including Cisco, Accenture, McAfee, LG, Samsung, Citrix, SAP, Siemens, AOL, Intel; Indian technology majors – including Infosys, Wipro; Global defense majors Pratt Whitney, Honeywell, DRDO, HAL; and exciting technology startups. TWBs expertise in technical communication ranges from IT Products and Outsourcing, ITES, Banking, Financial, Aerospace, Defense, Ship Building to Hi-tech Manufacturing, and Discrete and Process Manufacturing. TWB’s services include:  ¦ The Importance of ERP: An ERP system provides support by combining different internal and external organizational functions. These systems are often customized to meet the specific needs of specific organizations. Documentation in an ERP project serves two functions: first, to specify the changes that have been made to the standard ERP package; and second, to help the users operate the system. Good documentation is clear, easy to read and simple to understand. It helps users operate and maintain systems with ease. Good documentation allows the ERP system itself to be used effectively to enhance the business and its processes.  ¦ Value of Technical Publications: Technical Publications are very essential for transferring product knowledge to end users. Provisioning of proper material to use the technology and products enables the user to accept and efficiently use the product. Faulty assumptions about documentation lead to inaccurate and hard-to-understand material. This also decreases the chances of marketing the products in the global market.  ¦ Role of Documentation Outsourcing: The complexity involved in implementing an ERP system requires that vendors and purchasers consider outsourcing their documentation needs to well-established Technical Publications Solutions providers. This helps the company cut costs and at the same time deliver their products with quality documents. Growth and Penetration of ERP Globally The faulty assumptions listed below result in incomprehensible document:  ¦ Developers know their products better than anyone else – due to time constraints and limited resources, many companies assign their documentation tasks to the programmers. This more often results in the creation of technology-centered information, while end users require task-oriented information. [pic]  ¦ Documentation of complex applications requires a longer learning curve for the writer learning the product will not be a major obstacle for writers with the right technical background. Communication for Different Levels of Technical and Product Knowledge Benefits Business Documentation The purpose of technical communication is to transfer product knowledge to end users in a comprehensible manner. The strategies of communication and levels of information vary depending on the type of product and audience. Providing end users with information about a product’s operation and maintenance is critical to the market performance of the product. Hence, the need for quality documentation is imperative. In today’s business scenario, technical publications are often developed as an afterthought. This usually results in inaccurate and incomprehensible documentation, which, in turn, renders the users incapable of using the products. Accurate, readily understandable, and quality documents determine how a product sells in the market and result in increased customer satisfaction. Technical Communication for Transferring Product Knowledge Faulty Assumptions that Result in Problems in Documentation The total revenue increased to over USD 28 billion by the end of 2006. It is of note that ERP license revenue increased by 18% in 2006, according to AMR Research Inc. ’s ERP Market Sizing Report 2006-2011. Overall, this is the healthiest the ERP and enterprise applications market has been since the 1990s. † Jim Shepherd, Vice President, AMR. The ERP license revenue increased markedly in 2007, growing to 19%. The sale of ERP packages remained stable to small, medium, and large businesses alike. â€Å"Knowledge is people, money, learning, flexibility and competitive advantage . Knowledge is more relevant to sustained business than capital or labor. And yet knowledge remains the most neglected asset of a business. TWB helps you unlock and share your technical knowledge with the world. † Short Reports  ¦ Proposals  ¦ Case Studies  ¦ Lab Reports  ¦ Memos  ¦ Progress/Interim Reports  ¦ Writing for Electronic Media Business Communication  ¦ Copy Editing and Proof Reading  ¦ Managing Writing  ¦ Editing Services  ¦ Layout and Design  ¦ Creating SLAs Documentation Quality Management  ¦ Datasheets  ¦ Administrator’s Guide  ¦ API Document  ¦ Configuration Guide  ¦ Functional Specifications Document  ¦ Installation Manual  ¦ Interface Document  ¦ Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)  ¦ Maintenance Manual  ¦ Online Help  ¦ Operation Manual  ¦ Product Demo  ¦ Product Specifications Document Product Overview Document  ¦ Quick Reference Guide  ¦ Release Notes  ¦ Requirement Analysis Document à ‚ ¦ SDK Document  ¦ Troubleshooting Manual  ¦ User Manual  ¦ Open Source Documentation  ¦ Programmers Guides  ¦ Functional Specifications Document  ¦ Use Cases  ¦ Online Help /Context Sensitive Help  ¦ Troubleshooting Guides  ¦ Technical Product Documentation Technical Marketing Solutions  ¦ Datasheets  ¦ Cheat sheets  ¦ Solution Briefs/Solution Brochures  ¦ Presentations – Products/Corporate Profile  ¦ Brochures and marketing collateral  ¦ Web content  ¦ Audio and video scripts  ¦ Press releases Direct mail  ¦ Newsletter design copy  ¦ Sales catalogues  ¦ Sales sheets Our technical proficiency in software and authoring tools includes:  ¦ SCORM 1. 2 / 2004  ¦ AICC  ¦ W3C  ¦ Section 508  ¦ QTI XML Standards  ¦ Microsoft Visio  ¦ iGrafx  ¦ EDraw  ¦ RFFlow  ¦ Flowbreeze  ¦ Smart Draw Flowcharting  ¦ Sharepoint ®  ¦ Moodle  ¦ Joomla,  ¦ WordPress  ¦ Media Wiki  ¦ CMS Builder  ¦ Author-it (formerly Autho rIT)  ¦ Alfresco  ¦ XMetal ®  ¦ Microsoft Word 2003 ®,  ¦ Microsoft Word 2007 ® CMS/ LMS XML  ¦ Microsoft Access  ¦ Microsoft SQL Server Databases  ¦ JavaHelp  ¦ Adobe RoboHelp 7. 0  ¦ HelpScribble WebWorks Publisher  ¦ PowerCHM  ¦ Doc-To-Help  ¦ WinCHM  ¦ HelpSmith 2. 1. 1(Windows)  ¦ Fast-Help  ¦ MadCap Flare  ¦ Help-Server  ¦ NVU Help Online Help  ¦ Adobe Flash ®  ¦ Adobe Flex ®  ¦ Adobe AIR ®  ¦ Adobe Dreamweaver ®  ¦ Adobe Acrobat ®  ¦ Microsoft Silverlight ®  ¦ Adobe Authorware ®  ¦ Adobe Director ®  ¦ Adobe Captivate ®  ¦ Trivantis Lectora ®  ¦ ASP. NET  ¦ JSP  ¦ JAVA Multimedia/Authoring/ Supporting tools Graphics/Animation  ¦ Adobe Flash ®  ¦ Adobe Photoshop ®  ¦ Adobe Illustrator ®  ¦ Adobe Fireworks ®  ¦ Microsoft Silverlight ®  ¦ Adobe Flash ®  ¦ Adobe Dreamweaver ®  ¦ Microsoft FrontPage ® Adobe Captivate ® Multimedia/Authoring  ¦ Adobe Flash ®  ¦ Adobe Photoshop ®  ¦ Adobe Fireworks ® Macromedia Captivate Graphics/Animations  ¦ Adobe Flash CS4 Professional  ¦ Adobe Illustrator CS3  ¦ CorelDRAW  ¦ Microsoft-Expression Graphic Designer  ¦ Xara Xtreme (Windows Linux)  ¦ CuteDraw  ¦ Publisher3D(for animation)  ¦ Sketsa SVG Editor (for vector graphics)  ¦ Techsmith Camtasia  ¦ Arbortext IsoDraw (technical illustrations for 2D and 3D) Illustrations  ¦ XSLT/XSL  ¦ EDD Development and Publishing tools  ¦ Epic  ¦ FrameMaker+SGML  ¦ X-Metal ® XML Structured Editors  ¦ Microsoft Word ® Adobe FrameMaker ®  ¦ Adobe InDesign ®  ¦ QuarkXPress ®  ¦ Adobe PageMaker ®  ¦ Unstructured Content Development TWB services a wide range of technology and knowledge-driven industries, helping them meet their markets better. These include:  ¦ Banking, Insurance and Financial Services  ¦ Consulting and Business Services  ¦ Defense, Aerospace and Hi-Tech Manufacturing  ¦ Education and Le arning  ¦ IT, ITES  ¦ ITES/ KPO/ BPO  ¦ Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology  ¦ Process Manufacturing and Allied Industries  ¦ Steel, Ship Building, Construction and Aviation  ¦ Telecom and Digital Communications Some of the greatest documentation challenges that most companies face today include:  ¦ Timely availability of quality documents during product release  ¦ Cost cutting in a multi-vendor business environment  ¦ Managing large volumes of documentation for new products releases For a leading vendor of ERP systems, association with TWB has benefited them immensely in saving costs and producing professional documentation along with services such as:  ¦ Transferring complex technical data into easily understandable language  ¦ Protecting technical and commercial data of newly developed products  ¦ Managing knowledge management and content management olutions, single sourcing, and data migration. TWB has been the preferred technical documentation outsourcing company for: The TWB Building No: 4062, 19th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore – 560008 India. Landmark: Behind Carlton Towers Telephone: +91. 80. 40741400 / +91. 80. 41256367 Corporate Enquiries: [emailprotected] in [pic] US Office: TWB 11701 Norwegian Wood Drive Austin, TX 78758 Telephone: +1. 512. 586. 8357 The Writers Blockwww. twb. in1 The Writers Blockwww. twb. in1 TWB Position Paper on Value of Technical Publication in Indian Aerospace and Defense Industry2